What We Do

We are a custom waterslide decal printer specialised in full color processed decals for diverse applications: glass and ceramic decorating; organic, cold cure applications for wood, candle, acrylic and stainless steel surfaces; resist masks (stencils) for sandblasting and acid etching.

Product Concept

Wondering if your designs are feasible? We will help you select the right materials and application process to make your project a success.

Design & Artwork Services

We have a full in-house design team and we can help you with your design process right up to production.


Got an amazing design idea? We want to hear from you. It takes us just 7-10 days to send your proof.

Quick turnaround time

Yup. 7 to 10 days to ship a proof & 7-10 days to ship the production. There is never an extra charge for rush orders.

Custom Color Matching

We treat each job as unique and custom match your colors at no extra charge.

Global Sourcing

Looking for distinctive decorating solutions? We can help lower your cost, shorten go-to-market time with a broader resource pool.

Awarded for Technical Excellence - Custom Tile Glass

Glass Decals

Precise color-matching and state-or-the-art printing process. Phylum delivers only the highest grade decals with the sharpest image for the decoration of glass products such as shot glasses, beverage bottles, glass decor and souvenirs and all kinds of glass dinnerware.

Curved/Tapered Surface Application

Oregon Coast shot glass

Decals are commonly used on tapered wares where designs need to be curved or warped to fit the shape of the substrate.

Corporate Logo

Topbeer Pilsner

Yes, we understand. Your logo colors need to be right on every single time. Color formulae are kept for each job so your logo is always going to look as consistent as it possibly can with every reprint.

Custom color matching is always complimentary.

Fine Art Label Printing

Windy Oaks Estate Winery bottle labels

A high mesh count is used on this project to capture the details and the tonal range of the painting. Kiln fired. Food safe. The decal was printed with a combination of four-color printing process with spot colors to boost the image for premium wine bottle decorating.

Musical Instruments

Tap Handles

Sporting Bats


Table top

Glass ware

Ceramic ware

Wine & Beer Labels

Acrylic Tumblers

Candle Holders

Candles & Soap

Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical Glass

Bicycle Frames


Model Trains & Cars

Wall Tiles


Our ceramic decals are used solely on onglaze/overglaze ceramic and porcelain products with a firing range of 780ºC - 815ºC (1436ºF - 1499ºF). Our paper, inks and cover coat are imported from Germany, UK, Japan, and Korea. The screens used to produce our decals are made of high quality mesh from Japan and Switzerland.

Four-Color Printing

This decal was printed using a four color process with additional booster colors.

Metallic Gold

Metallic gold adds prestige to products with mirror shine finish.

High Mesh Count

This decal was printed with a high mesh count to capture the fine details of the design.

Organic & Cold Cure

Cold cure decals are commonly used on substrate with low heat tolerance such as stainless steel, acrylic, and wood. Organic inks are available for products where food-safety is a concern.

Cold Cure + Organic

Salt Canister

Musical Instruments

Custom Label, Ovia Guitars

Filmless Finish

Candle Holder, Yankee Candles

Bud Light

Tap Handle, Bud Light

Sporting Bats

Baseball bats, Bat.com

Matte Gold

Candle Holder, Photography

Texture & Sparkles

Candle Holder

Wall Tiles & Murals

Full Color, Filmless

Resist Mask

Apply. Decorate & Peel.

Our resist mask is suitable for acid etching and sandblasting. Thickness of the mask can be customized according to your decorating needs. While thinner mask is more popular, our thicker mask, suitable for deep sandblasting, creates a uniquely appealing embossed effect on the final product.

Etching Mask

Sandblasting & Acid Etch

Our resist mask is suitable for acid etching and painting projects.

Light Sandblasting

Zen stones

Our sandblast resist is suitable for application on stones, glass.

Sandblast and handpainted.

Tequila bottle

The bottle was sandblasted and handpainted.

Deep Sandblasting

Decorative vase

Our decals can be customized to withstand deep sandblasting. The creative application of our decals gave this vase an intricate, raised look.


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